The left side drawing is inspired by a fashion magazine, the middle one is from street snap that I did in the Brick Lane, the last one is in fashion graduation show 2014 near the Dray Walk. They gladly accepted and made beautiful poses for photo shooting. My heart was always filled with thankfulness for them when I was looking back their photos on the train returning from central.

左からファッションマガジンから、真ん中は夕方のブリックレーンで、最後はドレイ・ウォーク近くのfashion graduation show 2014で出会った人々を描く。いつも写真をお願いすると快諾してくれた上に素敵なポーズをとってくれる。いつも帰りの電車で写真を見ると胸がいっぱいになっていた。